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Snippets of things that have crossed my mind this week… or this year… or my whole life.

Jaycee Lee Duggard

Arrggghhhh… that poor woman who turns up after being abducted 18 years ago. Thank goodness she’s alive, but jeez! Can you imagine what kind of emotional basketcase she must be… not only to have had to endure the physical torments of her abductor, but also being subject to his insane religious crap!! And then, as horrible as it must have been, to have it all, the only life she’s known for a LONG time, ripped away?!?!

I read some of the posts on the guy’s blog… the most “interesting” one being where he discussed how he can control sound with his mind, and how ultimately, he will use it for the salvation of the whole world. Um, no thanks.

Even though I’m not a parent, if this had happened to a child of mine and if I was given the chance to inflict punishment, I would definitely invoke the “eye for an eye” retribution in this case. I’d stick him in a small place in the middle of nowhere, have his only access to another human being when someone is raping him, create enough pain to simulate giving birth to two children, take away his access to drugs (which apparently, he’s done a ton of), and make him listen to something totally antithetical to his belief system blared over loud speakers 24/7. And I’d make sure he had a plentiful supply of sharp razors nearby, just in case he wanted to do us all a favor and rid the world of some trash.

If this were your child, and you had a chance to do anything you wanted to her abductor, what would you do?

From Here to Eternity

During the relaxing and blissful time at the lake last weekend, we watched From Here to Eternity. Neither of us had ever seen it, although we’d both seen the famous scene of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing on the beach as the water came in over them. I suppose the reason that’s so famous is because it was so bold for its time. In reality, it is not the most important part of the movie, nor is their story line.

What’s interesting is that Frank Sinatra, Montgomery Clift, Donna Reed, and Ernest Borgnine are also leading characters in the movie, and I never even knew they were in it!! It’s actually a pretty good movie… unlike my opinion of Citizen Kane. Even though that is a wildly famous movie, I can’t for the life of me figure out why!

Job Question

I received a call yesterday AT WORK from a recruiter. I thought it was in terribly bad taste for a recruiter/headhunter to call on behalf of one employer to another employer’s place. Found out from from our HR guy that the practice is actually quite common and not considered unethical in the HR world. It still made me uncomfortable. Go figure.

I’m happy where I work. I like my co-workers (and I think they like me), the pay is good, I’m respected in my area of expertise enough that I’m at least listened to, I am able to do several different kinds of projects so I don’t become too bored,  I have a degree of authority and responsibility as a manager, the company’s market share is solid, and the commute is easy.

So here’s the question: If you were in my position, where the positives far outweigh the negatives, what would it take for you to be lured away from your current job? At some point, even a significant raise in pay would not offset having to start over as the low person on the totem pole, the learning curve of a new place, not knowing the people you work with, etc. So what would it take for you to entertain the thought of leaving a place you enjoy working?

Hootie Who?

I watched a Backstory episode on GAC a couple of nights ago, and it was a very interesting piece about Darius Rucker, former lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish. I really liked his voice when he sang for them and was interested to find out what he’s doing these days.

Turns out, he’s always been way more into country music than rock/pop. So now that he’s no longer with the band, he’s started to record country music. Yesterday, I downloaded his debut album Learn to Live. I’ve only listened to it once, but I liked what I heard, solid songs, but nothing that blows me away. The only thing somewhat disappointing about it is that there’s little to no resemblance to his  Hootie-days voice. I liked the rough, gravelly sound that he used to have, but heard only echoes of it in his country work. His voice in these country songs is much more mellow and subdued, not what I expected.

Based on the mostly positive reception he’s received already, and assuming he keeps up the good work, I can imagine a very long career for him in the country music world.


Most of the time, I can put a positive spin on the things that happen to me, the circumstances I find myself in. Of course, I can also put a cynical and cautionary spin on them as well. Most of the time, the spin depends on my mood at the time. 🙂

Last night, S and I were waiting in the drive through at Brewster’s. It was taking sooooo long for us to even move up in the queue, and I was getting impatient. A large crowd of people were ordering at the walk-up window, and I’m guessing they get priority over the people in the drive thru. (Harrumph)

So S and I are just talking, about the lottery, about work, about the upcoming weekend, and so forth. I made the comment that this was the longest wait I can EVER remember sitting in line for anything. I didn’t say it angrily, but simply as a statement of fact.

S said equally as matter of factly with a smile on her face, “But at least we’re together.” Well, call me a softie, but that just made my heart melt. And I realized, yes, we were together, and having good conversation, about so many things. And it’s rare that we are just sitting alone talking. One or the other (or both) of us is usually working or on the computer or something else that keeps us from focusing on the conversation.

I not only appreciated that she reframed that impatient moment of mine and turned it into a positive, but turned it into a moment of affirmation that she enjoys being with me. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. No matter how confident we are, no matter how much we like ourselves, it’s still nice to hear from the people we value most, that they value us in equal measure. I love moments like that. 🙂


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August 29, 2009 at 2:37 pm

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  1. Well you know i have to do it from time to time, my annual ani song reference…here’s some ani song lyrics that (i think) perfectly encapsulate the moment you had in the drive-thru…

    In regard to your other bits: Jaycee story = that guy in switzerland or wherever he was that held his daughter and her kids captive forever and ever amen, United States style. Just when you thought “oh, that could never happen here,” it does.

    Citizen Kane does suck, and i have no idea why critics find it so exceptional, even for its time. I think it’s just the “hip” thing to say in the critic circle. Though i’ve never seen From Here to Eternity. But i don’t like old movies like that, so doubtful i’d appreciate it either.

    As for the job question, i’d have to say it’s just money, money and more money for me 😉 As long as i wasn’t comprimising my integrity somewhere along the line, of course.

    And i don’t like Hootie, or Darius, or Country 😉

    The end 🙂


    August 29, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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