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Things to Talk About

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Anyone who knows me already knows that I’m rarely at a loss for things to talk about. I love to ask people questions about themselves, what they think about things, etc., and I love to talk about those things to others. I do enjoy silence sometimes, but I have to admit, I prefer good conversation to the quiet. Of course, “good” is often relative. 🙂

Anyway, Kimmy and I have done quite a bit of talking, asking and answering each other’s questions, exploring our pasts, and talking about our futures. One of Kimmy’s ways of spurring conversation is to ask me, at random moments, “What are you thinking?” Sometimes, it’s as simple and mindless an answer as “I wonder if I locked the door” to something like “I was thinking of where we might be in five years,” which would likely propel us into a deeper conversation.

A couple of my favorite ways to get interesting factoids from someone’s life are these: The first one is a “game” I made up called “First, Worst, Best, Last.” You take a subject like “date” and ask what was their first date, worst date, best date… well, you get the picture.

The other way of precipitating conversation is to just look around the room or probe the deep recesses of my brain and pull out any noun and speak it. Then, for Kimmy, it becomes kind of a word association game. She just pulls anything from her past that has to do with what I said, and runs with it.

Last week, while eating out, I brought up the word “chicken.” After only a little bit of thought, Kimmy told me about when she was young, and took a job in her hometown (where chicken farming is big) where she had to help inject chickens with antibiotics. Hearing her describe that scene, some funny, some not so was something that, more than likely, we’d never have talked about if it had not been brought up randomly. I LOVE knowing facts like that about her.

I told her about the chicken I used to have as a pet named “Roosa.” He was a crippled rooster who would actually ride my bike with me. And yes, I have a photo of him with me on my yellow, banana-seat, high-handlebar bike. If I can find it, I’ll post it.

It’s those moments in life that make up the minutiae of who we are and yet, these pieces often get relegated to the dustbin of our memories. So in the spirit of the conversation and randomness, minutiae and getting to know you better, I’m going to throw out a word. I’d love for any/all of you to write something, any story or thought or memory that comes to your mind when you hear this word:



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February 26, 2009 at 9:06 pm

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  1. My standard has always been “Tell me something”.

    I drove the other clarinets in band crazy. One blurted out in the middle of a lull – “I don’t have SOMETHING to tell you!”

    LOL! But, you DO find out a lot about a person by asking those kinds of questions.

    Re chicken – I grew up in the supposedly in the chicken capital of the country. My “babysitters” family had an egg operation and when I was borned on summer afternoons I’d go out and help sort eggs. My sister’s wonderful boyfriend (who grew up to be our vet) delivered eggs and I loved riding shotgun with him on Saturday mornings. When I met y’all in Buford I think about those Saturday deliveries to the store that used to be down the street in Buford. They actually raised the ones sent to the processing plant and it was interesting wandering the chicken houses at different stages of the process – empty house, little chicks, bigger chickens, empty house again. Back in those days a chicken house cost 40K to build but you could make 40K off of it pretty soon – maybe the first 2 years? Can’t remember. But, a lot of folks my age built a chicken house after high school to start in “the business”. Oh, the worst! Marching band practice in the summer on the football field – just after they had fertilized it with chicken poop (free, I’m sure) 🙂
    Did you know the highest paying job in the industry is the chicken sexer? It’s pretty hard to tell if a chick is a boy or a girl and those who can do it have the highest paying job in the plant.


    March 5, 2009 at 10:42 am

  2. Great comment, Laura! I really enjoyed reading that.

    However, your “Tell me something,” seems to leave the people I’ve used that on struggling to come up with something. When I give them an open parameter, it seems to help them pull something up. But…whatever works for you! 🙂


    March 5, 2009 at 7:22 pm

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