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Welcome a New Blog Family Member

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It’s inevitable, I suppose. Someone hangs out with my friends long enough, they feel compelled to blog… and thus, become a de facto member of the Blog Family.

In this post, we welcome my Kimmy (aka Wally in her blog). The title of her site is “Wall Street Brain” because she has Adult ADD, and her first post (and probably subsequent posts) discusses that condition and its impact on her life… likening her thoughts to the Wall Street ticker–always moving, always changing. Only she can tell you how it feels to be inside her head, and I’m sure it is frustrating to her at times, and at some point, it might be frustrating to me, but not yet.

Some of the characteristics of Adult ADD people are that they are highly intelligent, creative, and interesting. Kimmy/Wally has that in spades. And even though we’ve only known each other a relatively short time, it’s obvious to me that her focus is her family and her friends, despite how she thinks she might be falling short in communicating that.

So I’m happy to announce her new blog: “Wall Street Brain.” Please feel free to place it on your own page so that you’ll remember to visit it.

Written by blogicalinks

February 15, 2009 at 8:44 pm

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