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The Week in Review

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Health: I’ve been sick.

So if you don’t follow my Facebook status, you might not know that I’ve been pretty sick all week. It started last weekend with a bad sore throat and progressed until I was really miserable on Wednesday (missing a day of work), even though I’d gone to a doc-in-a-box on Monday and started taking antibiotics. Today (Sunday), I’m still very congested and coughing way too much. Hopefully, it will work itself out of my system soon. I’m tired of feeling poorly. 🙂

Work: I’m caught up at work work and behind in freelance

I can’t believe that, despite my firing on only half cylinders all week at work (and being out one day) and despite one of my designers being out a day and a half, we still managed to meet all our deadlines! I was so proud of all of us for hanging in regardless of how we felt and for taking up slack where necessary.

However, my freelance work has suffered because after dragging myself in all week, I’ve had very little left in the evenings. I’m sure it will all get done, but I dread the next two days because I just have to knuckle down and get things done!!

Gossip: The ex-coworker

Without giving too much information that would link places and people in a Google search, a former co-worker of mine at a Christian publishing company is now a gay porn actor. I knew he was gay when we worked there together, so that was no surprise, and I knew he was into body building, but had no idea that he was looking into/planning on getting into “acting.” I mean, he was an IT guy at work…not a common segue into gay porn (Or is it? said while menacingly twirling an imaginary mustache.) Another coworker recently alerted me to his current job and to some very “revealing” photographs of  him online.

A different coworker used to call him “Too Tight Tom” because when he was working out in prep for a body building competition, he wore his shirts and pants WAY too tight for a business environment. Anyway, it was interesting to see where his career path has lead him. From what I could find out online, he was actually in a movie, but not of the quality you’d want on a mainstream resume.  Too odd. 🙂

Game Night: Attendees, 9

Fun times at game night. We played Pictionary, a great, early b’day gift to me by my Kimmy, and we used her drawing board, which made it sooo much easier to play with a large group. It’s so funny how “group think” works for and against you sometimes. Some of the clues were so obvious to the team NOT guessing, while totally eluding the team that was playing. My favorite, of course, was the perfectly drawn clue for the word “bottle neck.” You’d have had to be here to understand why it was so funny. And then, of course, there was Cara’s “choke” moment when she was pumped, timer set to go, pen at the ready, and she realized she didn’t know the word she was to be drawing.

We also enjoyed having four new folks join our normal game night family…Kelli, Kim, Jona, and Sandee. They were all great participants and added a lot to the fun. Of course, we miss our friends Donna and Karen, both of them in Tampa tending to affairs with Donna’s mom. And we missed Dianne, trying to keep herself from the germs that might have been floating around. Can’t say that I blame her. 🙂

I’m also planning to add card playing into some of the game night mixes as well. I’m really looking forward to having this social time throughout the year with my old friends and new ones….at least until football season starts. (And it’s FOOTBALL I’m a fan of, NOT baseball!! 🙂

Memories: January 14

Wednesday makes 38 years since my sister, Cynthia, died of Hodgkins disease. I still miss her.

Kimmy: Going strong

Kimmy and I had an interesting week…one of the first “real” weeks we’ve had where we had to be apart, to work, to be with one another while around new friends and old friends. It’s in times like those that the rose-colored glasses become a bit more clear, and you start to see the other person as they really are. Sometimes, it’s scary, not so much seeing the other person, but knowing they are really seeing you more starkly as well.

And it’s at this point where you start evaluating what you can live with, what you can’t, what can be compromised, what is important to the health and longevity of a relationship. Fortunately, Kimmy and I established right up front that we will be honest, communicative, and compromising in our relationship. Honest to the point of brutal. Communicative at the point of conflict, not two weeks or two months down the road when too much resentment has built up. Compromising enough to make each other feel comfortable and respected, but not to the point of losing what is really important to each of us.

I love that about Kimmy, that she is self-aware and reflective….not just for self-awareness’ sake, but for the sake of learning and growing from what she learns about herself, from listening to how others view her. I try to be that way myself, but it’s hard for anyone to be objective about such internal workings sometimes.

This week has been hard for both of us, not so much from having to work through the compromises, but from being sick. I gave her whatever I had, but she, fortunately, did not succumb to it as completely as I have. So we’ve had to keep our distance from one another, and that’s been difficult, but probably the wisest course of action. It will be nice when both of us are “back to normal.” Of course, her traveling juggernaut starts this weekend, so I won’t be seeing her much anyway…healthy or not. Bummer.

Anyway, that’s the week in review. I feel like I’ve left something out, but I need to get to work on the freelance anyway.


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