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Okay, so as much as I enjoy my job, I was REALLY dreading going back to work yesterday. Horizon was very generous and gave us three days off for Christmas AND for New Year’s. So in a 15-day period, I only worked for four days. Even when I was there, I wasn’t terribly THERE, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday, I was surprisingly focused, considering the level of distraction I’d felt for the last month with my new relationship. At least for a while, I’ll refer to my girlfriend as Kimmy…and no, that is not even part of her real name. It’s an inside joke, but it will allow me to identify her without really identifying her.

Today, at work, I felt almost totally back in the groove, which really surprised me. I was productive and focused, even with details that I hate to deal with. I even created a new category on our job list that I titled “GNATS,” because they’re the nitpicky, little jobs that need to get done that drive you nuts like gnats. I tried to think of a good acronym which came out GNATS, but couldn’t come up with any off the top of my head.

Where am I going with this, you wonder? Well, the last few weeks have been not only a distraction because of the new relationship, but also with all of the time off. Kimmy and I spend a LOT of time together, getting to know one another, talking, laughing, eating, watching movies, etc. I believe that it’s very easy to have a relationship when the “real world” doesn’t intrude…when you can set your own schedule and not worry about work, not be tired after a long day, not have to consider work needs as much as you do social wants.

So I’d had a bit of anxiety of how even a couple of days of the “real world” would affect the buzz we have going right now. Today is the first day we haven’t seen very much of each other, and while I miss her, we had a long talk on the phone, and it was easy and fun, open and honest, revealing and relaxing. It gives me great hope to believe that our “real world” relationship is going to be just as great as the vacation one was. 🙂

Not that this is going to become an all-about-Kimmy blog, but a friend of mine wrote today to ask about her. I think I’ll try to tell you a little bit about her/us with every new post for a while. I’ll try to keep it anecdotal, rather than just spewing facts about her. I think that helps get to know someone a little better as a person. And I want you to know her. She’s good people. 🙂

Kimmy has a beautifully decorated house. The first time I went into it, it felt like walking into rooms that you’d see on HGTV in a home makeover episode…hers being the “after” part (mine being the “before”). She has beautiful artwork on the walls (including sculpture by one of her uncles and hand-painted photography by her aunts), warm brown and gold colors accented with bold reds in the accessories. The living room, kitchen, dining room, and sitting room all open into one another, but have their own feel and sense of defined space.

The first time I visited, she had her iPod playing wonderful, soulful, jazzy type music that fit the environment and the mood perfectly. It was all so relaxed and comfortable, warm and inviting, just like her.


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January 6, 2009 at 10:36 pm

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  1. GNATS = gripes, nuisances and trivial shit

    You know we are all going to call her Kimmy from now on…


    January 6, 2009 at 11:39 pm

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