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I Miss This and a Sunday (okay, Tuesday) Question

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I miss blogging!!!

In case you’re wondering, the main reason it has fallen off so drastically is because my only internet access right now is through my office desktop. One (or both) of the kitties destroyed my airport express (wireless) and so I can’t blog from my laptop. I only have profound blogging thoughts when I’m in my recliner using wireless, and thus, the long absence from the blog world.

I’m hoping to buy a new airport express this weekend, so I’m planning for that to signal my return to regular blogging.

I can see in my stats that some of you are still checking here, even though I haven’t posted for a while. I appreciate that. 🙂

And so, better late than never… a Tuesday question: If you’ve been in a car accident before, describe it. Or if you’ve been in several, describe the worst one.

Mine: I was in a six-car, chain reaction wreck. Several cars were backed up at a red light, and the line of cars went backwards up a steep hill. An old, beat-up pickup truck (and old, beat-up driver) came flying over the top of the hill and smacked into the last vehicle (#1). I was in car #5, and I bumped into #6. It was such a minor bump, the driver got out and looked at his car and left before the police got there, since there was no visible damage. My back bumper was knocked almost off, but cars #1 and 2 were pretty badly damaged.

Fortunately, other than whiplash, no one was seriously injured. What made me terribly angry was that the police officer wrote up the report of what happened based entirely on what the driver of the truck said happened. He said he came over the hill at about 15 MPH. (He was doing 50 if he was doing 5!!) You could see the long brake lines in the road, the damage to the cars, the fact that the momentum carried damaging force into six frickin’ cars told you he was going way too fast for that area.

Additionally, he had neither license nor insurance, and yet, the police officer let him drive away!! When I protested that he was driving without a license and should be taken in, the officer said, “Well, I didn’t see it happen.” (meaning he didn’t see him driving without a license and causing the wreck). I said, “Well, you just saw him drive away from here without a license!!” He said, “What do you want me to do? Keep him from going to work?” I said “YES!!”

I was SO angry!! Now, I’m a big supporter of police officers for the most part—they do work in conditions that I wouldn’t dream of and for not nearly enough pay. But this guy riding in his little covered moped was totally WRONG in the way he treated that situation and didn’t seem any too bright.

So that’s my story. (Oh, and a body shop quoted a $200+ cost to put my bumper back on. My dad had a friend do it for $5. 🙂


Written by blogicalinks

November 13, 2007 at 7:21 pm

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  1. I thought I’d get in a comment before my trip. 🙂 This post made me feel angry just reading it! I’ve only had mini-accidents when have given me a scratch on my mirror and that’s about it. I’m pretty lucky I think!


    November 13, 2007 at 8:26 pm

  2. I have been rear-ended three times. I wonder what the heck is going on!

    Twenty years ago, I was merging onto 285 at LaVista and there was a wreck in the gore in front of me. I slowed down to avoid the wreck (actually two wrecks) and a fool traveling on 285 slammed into me at full speed. So, now there were three (wrecks).

    In Birmingham, I was in a line of cars waiting in the left turn lane to get onto the expressway and a female fool was putting on her make-up and didn’t notice that there was a line of stopped cars. She slammed into me and we had a domino effect going on. I was in a plastic Lumina van and there was no visible damage to the van. I MADE the police officer note that I couldn’t open the back door (for insurance reasons). Other cars were pretty badly messed up.

    BTW, did you know that the term for putting on makeup while driving is “farding”?

    A couple of years ago I was stopped to make the left turn up to the cabin. I watched in the rear view mirror as a fool approached at full speed. Other cars had merged over to the right when they saw me stopped with blinkers on. Not this guy. Seconds before he hit me I said “That son of a bitch isn’t even going to slow down!” Right before impact I accelerated to lessen the impact (practice makes perfect, I suppose). The PT Cruiser took the impact very well. His car was totaled. He was a nut case. Driving his sister’s brand new car, looking for the “Tigger” Drive-In (Tiger is about 10 miles back down the road!).

    My car had barely come to a stop when someone was knocking on the window. A nurse had stopped and was already there checking on me. The cops were there in 2 minutes. Several witnesses stopped and stayed around. We moved the cars over to the log cabin parking lot – and the crazy guy started saying crazy things. Several of us were scared of him. Two witnesses refused to give their names for the police report, but returned to the police station to give the info if it was needed. They didn’t want this crazy guy to get a copy of their names and addresses.

    In all three accidents, no one was hurt. Other cars were messed up, but mine were fine. In 20+ years of averaging 30K miles a year, I’ve been incredibly lucky (and I thank God for the protection)

    Wow. What a long post!

    Ru's Mom

    November 13, 2007 at 10:30 pm

  3. PS – Glad you are blogging again.
    Missed it (could you tell?)

    Ru's Mom

    November 13, 2007 at 10:32 pm

  4. I’ve had a few minor fender-benders, but my only serious (as in damage to the vehicle) accident happened in my own driveway! Back when I had my big Dodge pickup, I had been down to Daytona for the weekend and was returning home. I had a practice of making a wide right turn to pull this big truck into my skinny 1-car-wide driveway. This day was like no other, except when I got half-way into the driveway, I felt the impact of another car! Apparently, some fool woman from the rentals at the end of the street was fireballin’ down the neighborhood street so fast that when she saw me swing slightly into the center of the road, she assumed I was pulling over the left and was going to try and pass me on the right, but the I turned in front of her. I can even beign to imagine how fast she must have been going. Luckily, she admitted total fault (well, duh!) and her insurance paid for the repairs to the back-right quarter of my truck. Sheesh….

    BTW, glad you’re getting back into blogging, too. Hope your Airport replacement goes well!


    November 14, 2007 at 6:49 am

  5. Hi Cheryl! *wave wave*

    I have had three accidents from other people not paying attention. It’s frustrating. Two were people that ran red lights that had been red for several minutes. The other was when I was stopped and someone ran right into the back of me. Ugh.

    The worse one was one of the red light runners. A young girl on the way to her modeling agency internship ran a red light that I was taking a left turn on. I was the third car in my turn lane, so that tells you how long the light had been red. I got halfway out there and BAM! My car started to whip around and I ended up facing back towards my apartment complex. I had no idea what had just happened, but I saw that I was stopping two lanes of traffic looking right at me. The girl hit another guy too who was also taking a left, but from the other side of the intersection. She ricocheted off of him and then hit me. The cherry on top was that a week later, we found out her insurance had expired. Luckily, I let her use my cell phone so I still had her mother’s number, which I used a few times to get to her. What an ordeal. My car was only 3 months old. 😦

    Glad you’re back. Hey, we have an Airport Express that we haven’t returned yet. We haven’t even opened it. Let me know if you want to buy it from us instead!


    November 14, 2007 at 11:30 am

  6. Been in about 3 wrecks-none my fault. Worst one was my senior year in high school. A cousin of mine had won a hoola-hoop from a local station and just to be cute we decided to actually go and pick it up. It was Thanksgiving Day and we were bored since we were all together with family everywhere so we took off across town to find the raido station and get the hoola hoop. We were in a rural looking area we were not familiar with and as we came out into an open area I looked to my left and right and started to say, “Hey we’re on a highway.” but before I said the word highway out we were T-boned by a big old Buick and slung up on an embankment. I had started out in the front seat and was now in the back seat and the folks in the back seat–yes, of course, we had picked up others along the way to go get that stupid hoola hoop–were now in the front seat. We were in a Corvair and my cousin was upset that she was going to get in trouble for havinng the wreck and a man that had stopped to help was trying to comfort her and said, “let’s have a look at the engine and see if it is alright.” He opnened the hood –which in a corvair is the trunk since the engine is in the rear and he said, “wow, it knocked the engine plum out of the car.” We all survived but we never did get the hoola hoop.


    November 15, 2007 at 10:22 am

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