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Interesting How Things Go Sometimes

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Again, I’ve not blogged for quite some time, for many reasons, the biggest of which is that for a couple of weeks there, I was working almost non-stop. Now that I’m finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel in that regard, I thought I’d take a few moments on a Saturday evening and try to catch up on the “big” events.

House search:
As I wrote in my last post, the house I put the first contract on fell apart at the inspection phase. Shortly after that, I put a contract on a house which, due to LIES on the part of the seller’s agent and unbeknownst to me, was already being negotiated at the inspection phase. Had it not been for the insistence for some information on the part of my agent, I don’t think they would have ever even responded to my offer. Then I placed ANOTHER offer for an older home on 1.5 acres. It was a great yard, but the house needed a new AC and roof. I made a very generous offer considering the area and condition of the house. The seller came back with a $6000 higher counter offer. I just said no. The house had been sitting vacant for three months, and like I said, it was a very good offer. I think my patience was at an end with people who don’t realize that this is a buyer’s market, and if they want to keep paying monthly payments on vacant houses, that’s their issue. I found out today that the seller said he’d like for me to come back to the table, that he’d buy a new AC and allow some on the roof. If I had not had a good day today, I would consider going back to the table, BUT….

I found the perfect house!!!! Click here for details and pictures.

Okay, now don’t think I’m crazy, but I had in the back of my mind that it would have a red door. I would not have let a different color door stopped me from buying a house…as a matter of fact, none of the others that I put offers on had red doors, but I just always thought it would be a “sign” of sorts.

Anyway, we’d already looked at three other houses today, when we went to this house. It’s five miles from work (which is fabulous!), and the schools associated with it are highly ranked. Of course, I don’t have kids, but it certainly helps the property values stay higher. The neighborhood looks well-kept and didn’t have too many other “for sales” that I saw on my trip in. It’s about two miles from Gwinnett Place Mall and I-85.

That was the location, now for the house…here are several things I wanted to have in my ideal house, but was willing to give up if I found enough of any of them. This house has every one of the things I wanted!!!
• Square footage: I wanted at least as much as I had in B’ham (1,850), not because I have a family or anything, but I have lots of furniture! This house has 1,958, plus a two-car garage, which I did not have in B’ham).
• Yard size: Again, I wanted at least as big as I’d had before (.22 acre). This one has .27 acre. (Not as nice as the 1.5 acre on the last house, but less to maintain at least. 🙂
• Fenced yard: Check
• Deck: Check (smaller than the one I had)
• Screened porch: Check (bigger than the one I had)
• At least three bedrooms…one for an office: This one has four bedrooms, the master is MUCH larger than what I had, and one of the extra bedrooms is very large as well. I’ll probably make it my office.
• I really wanted something move-in ready so it would be one less stressor. This one (as you will see from the pics) is, at least cosmetically, just that. The colors they used, especially in the kitchen, are bold, but whoever did it, knew what they were doing and picked VERY nice colors. The carpet downstairs is in good shape. The upstairs could use some stretching here and there, but nothing bad. And it is very clean!
• I figured I’d have to buy a refrigerator and a washer/dryer since when I moved over here, mine were left behind. Nope! The kitchen has a new stove and refrigerator (within in-the-door dispensers) and the washer and dryer (which I didn’t pay much attention to) stays!
• It has a lot of closet space which was sadly lacking in my B’ham home. You know how those old houses were…built like rocks, but small rooms and few walkin closets. This one’s master BR closet is not only a nice-sized walk-in, it also has a window which lets in natural light, and I really like that.
• And finally, I know this is another crazy little “sign” thing, but one of my complaints in B’ham was that I never had a good place to grow tomatoes. My back yard was perpetually shady, and I didn’t want to put a garden in the front. I tried growing some in a big pot. The plant grew, but it never yielded fruit. Anyway, there are already three half-grown tomato plants in the this back yard!! They also have running rose and azalea bushes along the fence line. You can see some of the roses in the photos, but the azaleas are already done. I’ll bet it looks beautiful in the spring.
• Prior to inspection and whatever it might yield, the ONLY thing I found objectionable is that the washer and dryer is in the breakfast nook area! What is up with that? I’ve seen it before in another house and didn’t like it there either. With as much room as there is upstairs, I have no idea why they didn’t put it upstairs, but if that’s the only thing that’s awry, I can live with it. 🙂

So, because they were having an open house tomorrow (Sunday), I told DoraAnne (my agent) that I did NOT want to let this slip through my fingers. I was very discouraged with things not going well and the continual search. So I said, what do I need to do to make sure I get this house? She suggested full price and asking for no closing help. Since it was still less money than I’d planned to spend on the first house, I said, “let’s do it.” We sent the contract at around 1:00 and asked for an answer by 8:00. They responded with counters by 6:30. They moved up the due diligence period and the closing date (to June 4th, yikes!) and also said that if it appraised lower than asking price that I would not terminate the contract, but would renegotiate, which is fine by me. So I signed off on the changes, and sent it back.

Assuming everything goes well (and I think it will…whoever lived there took good care of the house), I guess I’ll own a home in a little over two weeks!!

Work (fulltime):
Work is going okay. It’s just SUCH a different atmosphere than WMU. The people are not so much friendly as cordial. People really do keep their nose to the grindstone there. I guess that’s the difference that cost accounting makes. If you can’t account for every hour, you’re asked why! Makes for a great bottom line, but makes for a terrible social environment. 🙂

Greg, my Pasadena co-worker, and I had a good conversation on Friday about the need to have daily meetings about the work to be done and who will do it. He is a fantastic designer and technician!! I feel honored to be working alongside him.

I met the vice-president of our GBU on Friday. He sat in my office and chatted for about 15-20 minutes. I thought it was a good conversation, and he seemed genuinely interested in what we were talking about… how did I like working there, how did I see myself fitting in, etc. He’s been there for many years (with Parsons, not in Norcross), and my supervisor says he’s being groomed to be president. So it’s nice to get face time with someone that high up. Plus, I told him he looks like George Hamilton, so I’m sure he’ll remember that, if not me. 🙂

Work (freelance):
About two weeks ago, I hit a point where I was about on the verge of collapsing into tears. I just had way to much to be working on at one time aside from my regular job. I took my concerns/problems to Melody and Linda, and they were so good to work with me to get things straightened out for me. I took a financial hit on some of the projects, but it was worth it to me to be relieved of the stress. There’s a point where even money can’t make up for the lack of sleep and the pressure. I was at that point.

So I have one more set of children’s magazines to complete. And while I’ll be glad to be relieved of the pressure of creating those every month, I will certainly miss the money and the fun design aspects. I most definitely won’t get to do fun, girly stuff with my day job! 🙂 I have a book cover design to complete, and I have a New Hope interior to complete. After that, I don’t have any WMU stuff. I hope that once things are settled for me, I can get some more from them. I enjoy working with/for them, and they pay fairly…a hard to find combination.

Sherrie and I are still good friends. There were points early in this transition where I thought I’d either have to move out and rent for a while, or we’d just hate one another. But we’ve both hung in there, and are getting along really, really well now. We even drove to Elmore Co. for Mother’s Day weekend, and she had lunch with my folks. Of course, they still don’t know the situation yet, and I don’t plan to tell them until after closing.

I’m really going to miss being near Sherrie and Dianne, but I just can’t be happy trying to keep up that long, arduous commute every day, twice a day. I think I’ll be a much more happy person being close by the workplace. We’ll all just have to make it a point to stay in touch and visit.

I think that about catches up on the big things going on with me. As to how all of this relates to the title of the post…life takes you on paths you don’t want to go sometimes, but most of the time (for me, at least) it seems to work out. I know I may wind up with cancer or lose my job or whatever seems bad, but it seems that good can come out of almost anything.

Breaking up with Sherrie has been hard, but because of it, I have a good job. Not getting the first three houses I offered on (none of which had everything I wanted) was frustrating, but it all led me to this one. I have no doubt that I will always prefer NOT to go through the hard stuff, but sometimes, it makes the good stuff seem that much sweeter. 🙂


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May 19, 2007 at 10:21 pm

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  1. Good post. 🙂 I like the house a lot. And I like the door. Mine is red too. 🙂


    May 20, 2007 at 12:53 am

  2. I’m so excited about the house for you. Great pictures and I love the red (crimson rather) in the kitchen. Can’t wait to help you unpack.

    And on a random note – rosebuds are pretty; promise you’ll talk to me before you start planting anything. I hope you’ll do the same for me in a neighborly fashion. Love, N


    May 22, 2007 at 12:41 am

  3. That is a gorgeous house! I’m so glad you found it! Congratulations, girl!


    May 29, 2007 at 4:49 pm

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