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Blogging Conundrum

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I’m at the point that I find myself almost every day. I have lots of thoughts—most of it just random observations; some of it weighty issues of life—and little time to put it into words. At least, in a way that would be meaningful to others.

Have any of your ever “almost” been in a car accident? It’s amazing how in a split second, you can check your rearview mirror, brace yourself, use your peripheral vision, press the brake, and so on and so forth, and still manage to avoid the accident! Many times, my thoughts are like that. I’ll have an issue of, say, “faith and doubt” in my head, and in a few moments, I can extrapolate all sorts of angles, arguments, problems, and solutions. Some of what I end up with feels like I want to share it. But trying to go back and retrieve the thoughts and connect the dots again feels overwhelming and somewhat impossible. I’ve often wondered if other people think “in a flash” like that.

Thinking like that allows me to “think on my feet” as I’ve been told I do well by many people, and it allows for some pretty snappy/quick comebacks and puns, but as to communicating in writing, it feels like an albatross!

I’ve seen some good movies, had some interesting conversations about spiritual issues and current events, read and commented on several blogs, cranking out some good work. The problem is, when finally get around to writing, it feels like there’s so much I have to say, there’s no way I can justify the time it takes to do it all!

I had a friend recently ask me what the point of blogging is. I replied that for some people, it’s about thoroughly examining a specific issue…maybe religion… and to get the feedback/comments of people with the same interests. For me, it’s sort of like online journaling, although I feel that, since it’s public, I can’t spew forth like I would in a private venue. So it turns into just posting about bits and pieces of my life.

What frustrates me is that I think I’m far more interesting AND interested than my blog shows! I really wish I had more commenters, but I know the way to get them, is to publish interesting, controversial, or thought-provoking posts. Sometimes, I do that. Sometimes, it’s crap like this. But this is where I am right now.

Maybe it’s just like everything else. If I want it to be good, I have to make the practice of it a priority.

So a quick summation of a few things previously mentioned:
• My guitar playing, while still rudimentary, is coming along well. I have callouses, but my index finger really hurts when I play an F chord.
• I’m still struggling in my faith. (That’s the topic I most want to write about, but each thought is so long and convoluted that I get frozen when I start trying to write about it.)
• My work is picking up with a new client, but starting to wind down with another. I hate the insecurity of a working for myself, and yet I know, no job is “secure.”
• Troops are still in Iraq.

Back to work. 🙂


Written by blogicalinks

January 24, 2007 at 2:47 pm

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say how much I have appreciated your comments today over on Jesus Creed!! You’re going great 🙂


    February 15, 2007 at 3:29 pm

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