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The Goal in Iraq

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How can you know if you’re “successful” if your goals keep changing?!? Here are the goals, in the order that I heard them:

• Pre-emptive strike to prevent an imminent use of weapons of mass destruction directed at the U.S. by Sadaam Hussein’s government
(No weapons found yet)
Troops* still there.
(*The White House Web site still lists 49 countries as being involved in the “coalition.” However, the coalition is down to 23 countries according to the Global Security Web site, with only 14,200 non-American troops actually in Iraq. More countries, like Poland, have announced plans to withdraw their troops in 2007.)
And just to make it clear, I am thankful for the people who serve in the military. I do appreciate their service. My disputation and disagreement with the president and with the war does not mean that I do not support the troops. It means they are not engaged in a just war, and they are being put in harm’s way for the wrong reasons. The best way to support them is to bring them home!!

• Dispose the dictator Sadaam Hussein
(Caught, tried, hung)
Troops still there.

• Establish democratic government in Iraq
(First elections held… great for photo ops; no implementation of that actual government. Democracy comes from within… a group of people with a common goal who are willing to let majorities rule. Not happening in Iraq.)
Troops still there.

• Rebuild Iraq
Well, I think that’s only right since the invasion ripped it apart, dontcha think? However, those pesky insurgents who want the U.S. troops out keep messing up plans to turn Iraq into an American outpost!
Troops still there.

• Train an Iraqi army and police force to maintain rule in their own country
Let me get this straight… the U.S. intends to supply an army of Iraqis when our own troops are lacking armor plates for their vehicles and better body armor? Okay, that’s what I thought. So on top of that, the U.S. intends to take Iraqis who are mostly Shiites (and thus will be resisted by the Sunnis), and some Sunnis (who will resist the mostly-Shiite government and will not be loyal to it), or Shiites AND Sunnis, who will fight among themselves. And call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that the 60,000+ strong army of al-Sadr might have something to say about all this.
Troops still there.

• Keep Middle East from spiralling out of control due to Iraq splinter
Uh, okay. I guess the 25,000 extra troops must be “super soldiers” who can do what the other troops have been unable to do yet. Whew! I was starting to get worried!
Prediction: 2015: Troops still there.

You know, what galls me most are these people who keep saying, “We can’t have a time frame for leaving Iraq! If we do, then the insurgents will just wait until we’re gone and then come in and take over.” NEW FLASH!!! That’s what’s going to happen whether you announce it or not!!! Let’s say we leave—without an announcement—in 2008. Do you honestly think that those who want to cause trouble are going to say, “Darn! If only they’d let us know they were leaving! Oh well, since they didn’t tell us, and even though they’re gone, I guess we’ll have to behave ourselves.”

The Real Goal in Iraq: Getting Control of the Oil
Now hear me out. I know that the Middle East is going to be a continuing source of terrorism, unrest, war, threat, and so on. And I know that if Iran and Syria get control of warring factions in Iraq, it will be awful. But it probably would have happened had we not gotten in this mess. Just look at the history of this area and these people… warring factions, tribal loyalties, etc. Now, we’re mired down in it and losing lives, reputation, good will, and more important things than that stupid oil!!

And because of our military being bogged down in Iraq, we are in no position now to protect ourselves from North Korea, Afghanistan, an emerging Chinese army, a somewhat antagonistic Soviet Union, and whoever else hates us. We find ourselves fighting people (usually Muslims) who believe God is on their side, that they are fighting God’s war. Their culture of death and their “I’ve got nothing to lose” attitude makes them fighters who are usually the last to blink. They will sacrifice civilians at the drop of a hat in the furtherance of their cause. Unless we become like them (I believe that would be our real defeat as human beings), we will not defeat them militarily.

And until the U.S. holds Israel responsible for a large part of this problem and holds them to the same standard of behavior as we hold other countries, we will continue to be their target by proxy.

I have more thoughts, but I need to go. In the meantime, here’s a great article on the fallacies of justification for this war.

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January 12, 2007 at 5:34 pm

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