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Some Pics to Share

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I haven’t really made this a “resolution,” but I do want to try to get into more of a practice of posting pics along with my posts (or instead of a post :).

Of course, what I see when I work with these in PhotoShop, and what you as a viewer with a different computer and different browser with different color settings may not see anything like what I’m seeing. For example, the sunset picture below has vibrant colors on the horizon. If it looks bland on yours, I don’t want you wondering, Why did Cheryl post such a crappy picture? 🙂 And as always, you can click on the photos to see a larger image.

christmas-tallassee-hay1.jpgThis one is a photo I took on in Tallassee on Christmas Day as Sherrie and I were headed back to Atlanta.

sunset-jan-12.jpgAnd this one I took outside our front door today at sunset. I was retrieving a package from the front steps and saw the sunset. Thought it was too pretty to pass up.


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January 12, 2007 at 11:39 pm

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