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Thursday Three-for-All (Memory Involving Snow)

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Since I’ve lived in the South all of my life, snow is usually a rare, but fun event. But no matter your location, how about sharing some of your favorite memories involving snow.

1. Birmingham, 1993: The Blizzard!! It snowed 18″ worth in B’ham! The city was paralyzed since they had no snow ploughs at the time. When even a couple of inches basically made everyone run to the store for bread and milk, this was truly a city-stopper! Fortunately, where I lived in Southside, we did not lose electricity nor cable. Many, many other people were not so fortunate, and spent several days without heat and other necessities.

The most amazing memory I have from that event was the night it all began. It was on a Friday, and we were left of early from work so that we could all get home before the snow started. (Before all you who are used to snow laugh, you have to realize that none of us have chains, snow tires, and little experience driving in those conditions, so it’s an ounce of prevention to avoid driving in snow!)

Anyway, after it was dark, maybe around 8:00, the snow was coming down in sheets of white. My roommate, Judy Knops, and I went to take photos on the hill that rose sharply behind the house. While we were there, we saw a very bright pink light flash against the snow. We both thought it was my camera flash firing oddly… until we heard the clap of thunder!! It was pink lightning! Once we got inside to safety instead of being human lightning rods on the hill. It was a wondrous sight and a memory I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

2. For my 12th birthday party (the party was on the 9th, my birthday on the 11th), it snowed 4″. We were allowed to leave school early, so my mom had a car full of 12 year olds, chattering excitedly about the snow, the party, and getting out of school. She finally told us firmly to “not say another word!” while she was nervously driving us home in the snow.

After the party, we went to our front yard and built a snow man. It was great!!

3. When it snowed while I was in college, several people had managed to “borrow” the hard plastic trays used in the cafeteria to use for impromptu sleds. We used them to slide down the various hills around campus. There wasn’t much snow… maybe 3″, so by the time we’d gone down the hill a couple of times, it was mostly mushy slush. Still, a LOT of fun with friends.

Share your memories with me!


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December 14, 2006 at 10:29 am

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