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Florida in Title Hunt?

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Well, if there’s any justice in the BCS, Florida will play Ohio State for the championship. I like Michigan alright, but come on, they’ve had their shot at OSU. Give the SEC boys a chance to show they can play with the Big 10. Might not win, but I’d sure like to see the matchup. (I’d prefer seeing Auburn of 2004 against them, but that’s another sad story. 🙂

I promise, after next week, I’m going to write more stuff. I’ve got six work books (smallest being 56 pages long), two full-color magazines (20 pages each), and three other pieces (72 pages, 64 pages, and 24 pages) all due to the printer by next Monday! In addition, we’re looking at houses, going to a party on Saturday night, and taking care of general house duties. It’s times like this when I wish we had a cleaning service…but we’re both too thrifty to pay for the luxury. 🙂

Anyway, all that so say, I really do have lots of thoughts I want to put out there, I just don’t have lots of time to spare!


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December 3, 2006 at 1:55 am

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