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A House Divided

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Few things bother me as much as the politics of religion.

I was telling a friend just yesterday that I can spend WAY too much time reading other people’s blogs! Some of the ones I’m most fascinated by now are the ones posted by influential people within the SBC leadership. It’s almost like watching a wreck in slow motion. You really know you shouldn’t be fascinated by it, but you can’t help but watch the disintegration!

I’m convinced more and more that at the heart of it all is a deep-seated need for power and control… presenting Jesus to a dying world with our lives doesn’t seem to be much a part of the picture. It’s amusing and heart-breaking at the same time to see these “leaders” on these blogs go at each other, basically saying “I understand scripture better than you do” and then signing off with “Blessings” or “In Christ.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s using God’s name in vain right there…. covering up your animosity (and it’s there whether it’s written or not) toward another by wrapping it in a benediction of peace.

I believe that if any of those in power REALLY, and I mean REALLY believed that…
1) God is in control,
2) God hears their prayers for His best will to be done, and
3) God will accomplish His purpose through willing participants,
that they would be a mighty force for good if they could just behave and say something like this:

“You know, I may not have total scriptural understanding about women being pastors, or speaking in tongues, or working in conjunction with non-SBC churches, and on and on and on… (all the things the things the SBC has been sidetracked on for years.)

“I may not support your view, nor even work to advance it, but I will not work nor pray against it either. I will sincerely pray that if God is in it, it will flourish.

“I will pray that God will reveal “through the fruit (whatever issue) bears” His highest and best will for all of us. And if I am found to be in error on this matter, I will humbly acknowledge that I do not have all understanding in the ways of God.

“If this issue does bear good fruit according to your understanding, and if people are redeemed, I will sing His praises and be more open to ackowledging ways that His will can be done outside my understanding.

“If it does not bear good fruit, I will not say ‘told you so,’ but will welcome you as person of good will, and we can pray together for a better and more clear understanding of these issues. Our highest hope and prayer is that in whatever way we seek to do God’s good work that God will bless it, that He will be glorified, and that we will not find ourselves fighting against our own brothers and sisters.

“If good fruit is borne according to the implementation of both sides of the issue, then again, let us praise God that His ways are not our ways, and that people who desperately need hope and love and peace are receiving it through our feeble efforts.”

I guess that’s too much to ask for from the leadership of a denomination who claims to know God, serve God, and love God best?


Written by blogicalinks

October 27, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Posted in Seeking, Venting

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