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My Dad’s Birthday

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Today my dad, Charles, is 78 years old.

Quick facts about him:
• Born and reared in Tallassee; still lives there
• Grew up as a dirt farmer, like pretty much everyone else in the family before him
• Had six siblings
• Served in the military during the Korean War, but didn’t see any action
• Married my mom 53 years ago
• Raised two daughters and lots of bird dogs
• Served as a deacon for many years
• Loved to hunt and fish
• Holds the AL state record for largest striped bass (55lbs.)

• Thinks Bill Clinton is responsible for original sin
• Never reads instruction manuals, preferring instead the “this looks like it will fit” method
• Watches WAY too much news for his own good
• Likes to spray paint things
• Once knocked out the community’s electricity by trying to shoot down a limb…a little too close to the transformer

He’s stubborn and hard working, pessimistic and funny, worries too much and loves his dogs, provides fiercely for those he loves, aggressively helpful. When I think of how to capture him for this word snapshot, he blurs into a swirling mass of emotions, thoughts, and long-held helps and hurts. I know I can not speak objectively about his life… no more than I can my own.

He’s just my dad. Happy Birthday, Daddy!


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October 23, 2006 at 10:42 am

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