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The (b)Log in My Own Eye

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Most of my friends know that I’m not a big George W. Bush fan, for a number of reasons… I won’t go into them here. It would serve no purpose to the theme of this blog. I was reading several articles and blogs today about the President after I’d googled “George Bush Christian,” and it was interesting to see how many people doubt the sincerity of his faith… both from the liberal and conservative front.

The conservative writers think he is not conservative enough, and thus, they doubt his faith. The liberal writers think he is too conservative, and thus, they doubt his faith as well. What interested me most is that the conservatives who feel he needs to prove his faith seem to think that can be done best by opposing abortion, opposing homosexual marriage, opposing immigration, opposing gun control, supporting the death penalty etc. The liberal writers seem to feel he can best prove his faith by acting more like Jesus… by being concerned about social issues, being slow to war, by loving your enemies, etc.

It is interesting to me the “standard” both sides measure President Bush’s faith by. That’s all I’m saying about that.

But, the real reason I write is because I have been SO guilty for SO long at looking at the behaviors of others and determining whether or not I believe they are Christians. Of course, scripture says “By their fruits, you will know them,” or something like that. So I think it’s wise not to believe that just because someone says “Lord, Lord…” that they are believers. However, I cannot set myself up as judge and jury of ANYONE!! That job is taken.

Even if I doubt someone’s sincerity as a result of their words or deeds, what should be my reaction? To dismiss them? To accuse them? To slander or vilify them? To ignore them? No. It is to love them! What?! To love them! Even if they drive me crazy? Yes, to love them! Even if they are the president? Yes, to love him! (Gulp)

How many times and how many ways do I have to learn that over and over and over and over?! And by love, I don’t mean feeling gooey toward him or anyone else. I mean believing that they are created in the image of God, valuable beings, equal to me in unworthiness, needing the hope, love, and peace of Jesus in their hearts as much as I. The very least I can do is not to work against them with negative words, negative energy, and not believing they will never desire to be a true disciple of Jesus.

If George W. Bush continues on this current path and continues to administer the government as he has, I will still continue to think he is not a good president. As to the sincerity of his beliefs, I will not cast dispersions on that any more. Whether he is or not is something he will have to account for… not I. I will pray that he will truly desire to walk in the way of Jesus, as he has a wonderful opportunity to be a disciple of Jesus that the whole world can see.

But I am not as concerned about his walk before the world as I am about my walk before my world.


Written by blogicalinks

October 22, 2006 at 4:23 pm

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  1. You are a great writer! And a deep thinker. Look at you ponder & grow!

    I’m so pleased to see that you’ve chosen to love the president out of faith. I’m going to get you a W koozie.

    On a more important note, oh how I have longed for this blog, Cheryl. Longed. A place to publicly post my poetry about you. I will get to work right away.



    October 23, 2006 at 9:58 am

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